Daiwa Wader CW-4200-T Tight Fit Chloroprene Wader (Felt Spike) Black: S

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/07/25 to 2024/07/28
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Chloroprene waders have been renewed with a tight fit specification and an original urethane insole. Adopts a 4.5mm thick chloropren that combines heat retention and mobility. ■ Equipped with a super cubic sensor sole with excellent flexibility and grip. ■ Uses original urethane insole. Cushioning and breathability up! It also reduces the push -up feeling. (The size of the boots may change) ■ Despite being a tight fit model, the walkingability is improved by draping. ■ Chloroprene boots are adopted, high durability and heat retention, and excellent cushioning. A sole with heel forts that emphasizes walking. ■ Kick -off that is easy to take off. * There is no replacement felt kit. Sole can be replaced by repair correspondence. Sole type: Felt socks size: S (24.0-24.5), M (25.0-25.5), L (25.5-26.0), LL (26.0-27.0), 3L (27.0-28.0), MO (25.0-25.5) , Lo (25.5-26.0), LLO (26.0-27.0)

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