Daiwa Jig Head Gekkabijin Vachicon Jig Head 0.3g #8

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It drifts because it is a low -specific gravity ... a jig head dedicated to tin Vacicon. A jig head dedicated to the Vacicon who has a Vacicon Azing! ! The "tin" head is adopted, and the "lead" specific gravity is 150 % and the volume is very large and the silhouette is large. Therefore, it is a jig head dedicated to a Vaticon that can reproduce "caught!" In addition, a special specification with gold plating on the Daiwa original hook that emphasizes keeping power, which also supports the winding direction of a different horse mackerel from vertical and shore. The normal and thick axis lineup, and both "normal" and "thick axis" compatible with giga horse mackerel can be supported.

Self-weight: 0.3g Hook size: #8 Quantity: 3

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