Major Craft Crostage CRX-722XH/B (Baitcasting 2 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/07/28 to 2024/07/31
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Overall length (ft) 7'2 "Lure (pcs) 2 Lure (g) MAX45 line (lb) 10-25 PE line (No.) 0.8-2.5 Action first, / Standard for boat hard rock games in the future It is a bait rod developed to be a bait rod. The tip section is a setting for Texas and heavy Texas, covering all the standard specifications such as jig head rig and blade system. Short cast and easy-to-sensing bottom which is an advantage of bait model The method of searching carefully is recommended. Thanks to the supple tip section, the bite bites well, and even after hanging, it is controlled by the torque of strong bat power. The setting that corresponds to the fishing of the line and the rough root. Let's do it. Let's get the hard rock fish that we longed for together.

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