Major Craft Crostage CRXJ-T230MH/HT (Hitotsu Tenya) Spinning 2 Piece

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Overall length (cm) 230 Number of joints (pcs) 2 Lure (g) Tenya 4-15 PE line (No.) 0.6-1.2 Action first, / Tenya's operability and sensing ability, and large snapper Power that can firmly receive the fight with. I fused them in a well-balanced manner. By shortening the length by 20 cm from M, the operability of Tenya is improved, and the model is suitable for "offensive" fishing where a slight fish signal is actively applied. Adopted a tubular tip with excellent ability to detect fine undulations on the seabed and slight atari of red sea bream. Especially in deep areas and points where the tide is fast, you will be able to take advantage of the outstanding hand sensitivity. * The images of the products shown are representative images. Also, the color may look different from the actual product. Please be forewarned.

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