Major Craft Full Soli FSTR-B67M Baitcasting 1 Piece

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/07/26 to 2024/07/29
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Overall length (ft) 6'7 "Lure (g) MAX160 PE line (No.) 0.6-1.5 Action regular first * Model released in 2020, / Tairaba game of" Dotera Nagashi "using a snapper mule up to 160g It is a full solid blank Tairaba model recommended for. The butt power that can be brought to hooking at once from the Atari that seems to play with the snapper mule is attractive. It is one that I would like you to use for root fish aiming with the torque full power peculiar to full solid that makes red sea bream emerge from the flow.

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