Major Craft Full Soli FSTE-S60ML Spinning 1 Piece

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/06/20 to 2024/06/23
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Total length (ft) 6'0 "Lure (g) MAX70 PE line (No.) 0.6-1.5 Action first * Model released in 2020, / If you are aiming for a bigfin reef squid lurking in a deep area with a water depth of 50 m or more, this model is You will need it. This model comes into play when you add a heavy tip plan bait or weight, such as when the bottom is difficult to remove due to the fast current sea area or the Dotera sink in strong winds. It is a model that I would like you to use for aiming at super large red monsters hidden in the area where the Kuroshio hits by making the best use of its characteristics.

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