Major Craft Trapara Area Model TXAT-604SUL (Telescope 4 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/07/28 to 2024/07/31
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Total length: 6'0 "ft Number of joints: 4 Lure (g): 0.5-4 Line (lb): MAX4 PE line (No.): 0.3-1.5 Polyester line (No.): 0.2 ~ 0.5 Action: F, / [TXAT-604SUL]
A model that demonstrates its power in general spawning and makes it difficult to use a tiny plug. It is natural that it has excellent mobility. TXAT-604SUL as a companion There is no doubt that the strongest tag will be the strongest tag.

For the area trout game, a simpler and better rod ...! The [Trapara] that swept the area trout has been refined. A stylish cork separate grip and a powerful blank have been further refined. A new telesco (drawing) mobile model with excellent mobility has also appeared. Authentic school that can be convinced by beginners and people of all categories The telesco (swing) model, which debuted this time, has a beautiful curve that you can't think of as a swing rod. It has excellent portability for all public transportation, compact cars, bikes, bicycles, etc. , Bring your area trout game closer!

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