Major Craft Finetail FSX-B382UL Baitcasting 2 Piece

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/06/26 to 2024/06/29
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Total length (ft) 3'8 "Lure (pcs) 2 Lure (g) 1-8 line (lb) 2-6 PE line (No.) 0.3-0.8 Action first, / The advantage of super short rod It is this bait model that lives to the maximum. Especially, the comfortable feeling of swinging without worrying about obstacles around it, such as the low trajectory undercast that is quick to turn back, is a fun that you can not part with once you experience it. By making the tip part a little soft and the bat part a little hard, the trouble of catching the lure on your body has been reduced.

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