SLP Works SLPW LTα Quick drag knob

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Drag adjustment is now possible instantly, reducing the risk of line breaks! The quick drag knob allows you to adjust the drag in 1/4 to 1/2 turns! Development started at the request of professional Kyoya Fujita. While taking advantage of the characteristics of ATD, the angler can actively control the drag tension, increasing the ability to respond to light lines, and making it possible for the angler to always have the initiative. By controlling the drag tension as desired, you can instantly respond to sudden thrusts just before landing.

Compatible models: 20 Luvias, 21,18 Caldia, 18 Tatula LT, SLP Works LT TYPE-α Spool (Gold, Red)
Each LT2500 to LT3000 size
Weight: 8g

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