Olympic Ajing Rod Colt Prototype 23 GCORPS-612L-T (Spinning 2 Piece)

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A rod that goes beyond the "Hyakuro Rod". Brushed up the Colt Prototype that has always led the aging scene. The original carbon reel seat "OP-01" is adopted, and the "operation sensitivity" and "reverberation sensitivity" are not evolved, and despite the relationship-off relationship, both high-dimensional high-sensitivity characteristics are improved. I am hanging. In addition, modern aging requires the ability to respond to even lightweight rigs, and blanks that have a slightly tension are enhanced, reducing the load on the light line, so that they can respond to lighter ligs. Is up. An all -rounder model that can cover any season and location with the high adaptive ability. The lightweightness and response sensitivity of the tubular are kept as they are, and the tip diameter is reduced as thin as possible, making it a solid -like tubular top that was unlikely to be. Furthermore, by actively adopting a Treka M40X, which greatly contributes to lightweight and high -sensitivity, it has dramatically improved operability and sensitivity.

Total length: 1.85m /Joint: 2 /Action: Fast /Closed length: 95.1cm /Lure weight: Max 3g /Compatible line: Max 2.5lb

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