Olympic Ajing Rod Colt UX GCORUS-572UL-HS (Spinning 2 Piece)

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A model suitable for exploring the nightlight around the nightlight with a lighter rig in the fishing port. Equipped with a 0.7mm -diameter hard solid tip, delicate rig operation is possible in water. One that is very active in situations where there is only a reaction in a jig head of less than 1g. It is a model that can be said to be a sensor solid that picks up a part -time job with a crisp feeling of a very tip.

Total length: 1.7m /Joint: 2 /Power: UL /Closed length: 87.6cm /Weight: 57g /Tip diameter: 0.7mm /Lure weight: 0-3g /Compatible line: Max 2lb

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