Olympic Offshore Rod Calameretti UX 23 Gcalus-702mmH-T (Spinning 2 Piece)

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Omorig is now being said to be indispensable in metal stottte games. Assuming the cast, we have an advantage that you can aim for a large squid that is a bitter timing and a large squid that is a bit of a bit of a tide, and a large squid that is vigilant for the light of the tide. Calamaretti UX, which was designed exclusively for such omorig games, has been renewed. It is perfect not only for those who will start, but also for veteran sublods and metal stuts.

Total length: 2.13m /Closed length: 110cm /Weight: 93g /Tip diameter: 1.8mm /Lure weight: Max 40g /Compatible line PE: Max #1.5

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