DranckRazy x TULALA Bass Rod G69 RocknRoller (Bat Joint Spinning)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/06/01 to 2024/06/04
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It is a superburtile spinning rod from fresh to salt. The length is 6ft.9inc. Uses glissando blanks, and the guide is lighter in a straw setting and titanium specification. As a rolling special that does not play the unique "whip" shaft, it is a special torque that does not rose, and its tough torque is supported not only for big bass, big trout, but also for large SW rockfish, sea bass, and blisawara. It bends firmly and the flip cast is easy, so it is ideal not only from the shore but also for sea bass and green casting from boats. The other is that there is no trouble related to the PE line that is possible by straw setting, the castfile that flies straight is strong in the wind and the accuracy is determined and surprised by the flight distance. Power to shake off from 5G jig head to big lure over 1oz! This is the next generation shaft of a gem that gives to anglers targeting various fish eaters. ■ section: 2 piece (1+grip) ■ Lure: 1/4-2oz ■ Line: PE #0.6-#1.5

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