Yamaga Blanks Eging Rod Calista 82ML/AR All Rounder (Spinning 2 Piece)

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"Charista 82ml/AR (all -rounder) -The all -round model that embodies a new dimension that embodies a new charista, an all -round model that expands the width of egging." All -round model. A blank, which combines long -throwing performance, egi operation performance, sensitivity, and power in a high dimension, is one of the core of the series, regardless of the season or situation. The blank, which has been developed as an absolute proposition to enhance stress -free use, maintains the concentration of anglers and is required to develop high -level game development, even in modern eging scenes with high practical and fighting power. It will be. The blanks with sharpness and sharpness in the ease of handling are the goodness of swinging and long throwing performance during cast, and the rods are manipulated as desired during shakuri, and the line slack is adjusted as desired. Tell the egi. It is a representative model of the polished Calista, and it is a depletion that can be recommended with confidence.

Total Length: 2496mm /Closed length: 1282mm /Weight: 92g /Joint: 2pcs (Inro) /Carbon: 99.6%

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