Yamaga Blanks Eging Rod Calista 86M/PF Power & Finesse (Spinning 2 Piece)

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"Charista 86m/PF (Power Andfines) -One of Castability and Response and Response to the Delivery of Power Model's common sense" is an all -round model that is active regardless of the season. What we asked for this 86m/PF was the fusion of response and delicacy. In order to change the standard long -term and powerful stereotypes with the 86m egging, the blanks have reviewed the design from the past models and have been completely reconstructed as a new model. In the new charista series, it is a high -response model with emphasis on power, but it can be said that the blank performance has pursued the current blank molding technology for blank performance so as not to lose delicate and high sensitivity performance. It is one of the people who already have a model with a concept that is close to 86m, and its long -throwing performance and high -response egi operation at a long distance are condensed the performance worthy of being called a new charista. doing.

Total Length: 2573mm /Closed length: 1320mm /Weight: 98g /Joint: 2pcs (Inro) /Carbon: 99.6%

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