Yamaga Blanks Eging Rod Calista 90LML/S Stream (Spinning 2 Piece)

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"Charista 90LML/S (stream) -High -sensitivity performance that grabs the flow and enhances the sensitivity of fall. A supple long -length model that does not lose high sensitivity performance even if the egi is in the tide. The delicate tip of the light class is combined with a medium light class waist, and a solid long -pitching performance and excellent cast feel are realized. With a blank balance that does not feel the length, it demonstrates high operational performance and sensitivity, invites with drifting while feeling the flow, feel the pressure of the tide firmly even during curve falls, and react to the fine squid touch. However, you can freely manipulate invitations with accents at the timing of here. It is easy to control the thread fake even in strong winds and places with high scaffolding, and are good at natural actions such as slack jerk. The operating performance of the egi is extremely light, but it is a design that is not a rod for the carica, but is designed to catch the threaded big squid with a delicate invitation, and has a bat power that floats the big squid in the flow. It is one.

Total Length: 2744mm /Closed length: 1404mm /Weight: 96g /Joint; 2pcs (Inro) /Carbon: 99.6%

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