Yamaga Blanks 88 Chain (Spinning 2 Piece)

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Total length: 2650mm

Closed length: 1355mm

Weight: 138g

Joint: 2pcs

Guide: SiC-S titanium frame K guide + SiC titanium frame RV guide specification (Fuji)

Reel seat: DPS17 / BACK STOP Double nut specification (Fuji)

Grip Dimensions: a: 410mm / b: 530mm

a: Length from foot position to the grip end when reel is installed

b: Handle total length

It is a special model that focuses on the blank design so that you can use various lures up to 40g to respond to various fields and targets. With the power that can be handled with a margin of about 3kg of blue fish, we realized a surprising lightness when picked up. In addition to the lightness, the exquisite length of 8FT8inch's exquisite length, lure operability, which is unlikely to be a power rod, gives a great advantage in finding a new target of familiar fields. On the shore, YB88CHAIN, such as a small blue fish to a red sea bream, a rockfish aori squid, and a hiraszuki, a large seabass for river games, such as a migratory fish that can only respond to the small action of the jig or a seabass on a small bait. If so, you can aim for a wide variety of targets without giving up. A major feature is that you can get a flight distance you can't imagine because of the lightness when you get it, and a blank in pursuing the exquisite balance between lure operability and power will surely bring you a new style.

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