OSP Bass Lure Karen 180 K02 Stealth Black

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The KAREN180 is a multi -generation big bait that can be used in various fields in all fields, combining the waves of the hardbait and the naturalness of the softbait. Not only in the open area, but also in the big baits that can not be captured so far, it will be fascinated around the cover that is not captured. The wide Squeealip is a moderate winding feeling and has a high cover avoidance performance. The soft material body on the tail side makes it possible to skip overwhelming growth with a more natural curve than a multiple joint bait. For example, on a vigilant open area bus, you can make a part -time job by showing it with the limit and naturalness by showing it with the limits. In addition, buses that are aiming for prey while lurking on a heavy cover or overhang, etc., so that the cover avoidance performance is highly high, so it pulls out of the cover and eats it in predation. be. A deep part -time job is nothing but a real baitfish. Saze: 180mm Wait: Approximately 50g Froching

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