OSP cold gloves O.S.P Breath inner Glove Gray Print Black: L

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The body fabric uses "Ex -Live", a fabric to breathe (breathe). "Ex Live" is an innovative material for moisture absorption heating, moisture -free cooling, and self -dryness, and the fiber itself does moisture absorption and moisture. Change sweat into heat and create moderate warmth. Breath inner gloves keep fever and warmth with sweat from hand just by breathing and wear ( * The way of feeling depends on the personal sensation). The specifications are a 3 -finger shape that is easy to operate such as cast and line work. The fabric is as thin as possible so as not to impair the operability and sensitivity of the rod. In autumn, spring, etc., you can use breath inner gloves alone, and from late autumn to winter, if you use it as an inner palmless middle gloves sold separately, the windproof, waterproofing, heat insulation, and a breath -inner glove of palmless gloves. The heat generation is added, and the fishing line is supported by high heat retention (Please check the size when using it as an inner and purchase it). Material: 100% Police

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