OSP Jig head Gladi 30g

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Glydy is a Jig Head for flat fish jointly developed with Tokyo Bay Island Cruise Masaaki Endo. With the characteristic shape of ultra -low center of gravity design, this shape, hook eye balance, and Worm's resistance to enable large slide falls in tension -free. The advantage of slide falls varies, and the spill time in the water is longer than the vertical fall. It is easier to find the target fish and the search is possible widely. After the landing, the Worm is slightly leaned with a slightly floating posture, and it is designed in a balance that makes it easier for the hook to bite depending on the posture and weight of the head. The hook is an original hook that is custom -made based on a hook called Tachio STR with GAMAKATSU Ken, and has a sharp hook firmly even in a long -cast line slug. It can also be used as a wind, and demonstrates dirt performance that is difficult to use in the foreground. Glady is the concentration of high operability and performance for taking.Quantity: 2

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