OSP Seabass Lure Rudra 130-S CLC78 Ikle Clear Red Gizzard shad

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Rudra has improved basic performance beyond common sense by applying the ultimate setting with all specs related to fishing results based on the low center of gravity of the ultra -light honeycomb super HP body and all weights. As a result, it is a pione that reciprocates the buried big minnow potential, which is compatible with the "power to" and "the power to eat", which had never been compatible. The improvement of basic performance beyond the standards has been caught by various targets overseas, including bath sea bass trout, and demonstrates the ability in Japan and overseas, regardless of fish species. In particular, it features a high big fish catch rate in the high -pressure field. Among them, the Rudrasin King was developed as a main target with a saltwater and a low -water temperature -fell bus. Saze: 130mm Wait: 22g Thinking

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