OSP Seabass Lure Varuna-S CLC78 Ikle Red Gizzard shad

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14 years after the birth of 9cm “Ashura”, 10 years after the birth of 13cm “Rudra”, the 11cm minnow Varuna was born. The previous two items have been developed for the No. 1 class, and they are active at the forefront regardless of domestic and overseas and fish species. I am convinced of the necessary elements from many experiences and achievements because I have gained the time to continue using it in actual battles for many years. In the development of VARUNA, we were able to decide on all specifications, such as the body, lip shape, and the material, position, and balance of the used weight. The body shape uses a flushing part -time job -induced power and a full flat body that combines high -dimensions that are difficult to catch in the wind by casting. Inside the body, a honeycomb super HP body that achieves high -response swimming is both achieved by the weight reduction and strength of the ABS resin. The moving weights are equipped with three small -diameter tungstenball, achieving a sharp action due to the low center of gravity, and the flight distance and accusation obtained from a stable flight posture due to the move to the tail. Saze: 113mm Wait: 18g Thinking

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