OSP Seabass Lure Rudra 130SP SW. Aikle Clear Red Gizzard shad CLC78

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Bigbait's "power to pass" and Noshin carwarm "Eat". The Ashura O.S.P -RUDRA is one of the two performance that has never been compatible with the Big Minnow. With the adoption of a full flat body, the intense flushing and powerful waves that show a unique glare are expanded, and the production zone has been expanded to a deep range. This big bait -like appeal power is just wrapped around the structure, so that the regular minnow responds to fish that is not looked. It should be noted that the Honeycomb Super HP body exceeds the limit of the weight reduction of ABS resin. The fixed weight on the bottom and the low center of gravity structure of small three balls have achieved an amazing free -roll performance reminiscent of a high float flat side crank. And being able to approach while mixing a variety of techniques such as "Twitch & Jerk" or "Stay Staying" in a range that is less vigilant and deeper than the surface layer, doubles the byte opportunity. LENGTH: 130.0mm Weight: 20.0g Type: SUSPEND HOOK SIZE:#4

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