O.S.P Worm Spinnuts 65 W001 Watermelon Pepper

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Spin nuts are all upgraded of castability, dogwalk, skipping and potato high -specific gravity worms. Among them, designed by maximizing the performance of underwater dogwalk, one of the new fishing methods. The carefully selected high -specific gravity material with natural fish collection ingredients makes it easier to skip and skip, and of course, you can earn a part -time time, but the characteristic is a wide range of rod work, from wide dirt action to tight neck swing actions. point. The feature of high -speed dogwalk on the surface layer, dart action with small and quick in the middle layer, sharp bottom jerk at the bottom, and spin nuts can be used in a variety of ways from the surface to the bottom. Spin nuts 65, one size larger than spin nut 50, appeared. There are about 8g of weight and it is easy to handle even with bait tackles, and it is easy to handle to the bottom, such as sinking to the bottom. The recommended offset hook is#3/0. LENGTH: 50mm Weight: Approximately 8g Count: 6

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