JetSlow JetSetter 506C Amazon Morpho (Baitcasting 3 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/06/01 to 2024/06/04
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The second Amazon model. A rod that can keep fishing until the dusk, even if you have a long -cast, short cast all day, and a jerk with a jerk that never stops the lure. To cross the Amazon monster fish, the fierce fish of Southeast Asian, and the temperature -based carnivorous fish around the world. A supple blanks that softly controls the rigid while having a 10 -kilometer peel, 15 km class snake head and Baramandi. And the 5 -foot 6 -inch short -length is highly controlled, can make pencil bait continuous twitch, speedy, powerful popping, and a manual operation feeling. A model that has a variety of flexibility of the diverse target fish and operation, which is the true value of the jet setter, and has excellent steady retrieve, such as spinner bait and crankbait.

Total length: 5.6ft /Joint: 3 /Power: MH class /Lure weight: 5-60g /Compatible line PE: Max #4.0 /Shock leader: Max 60lb /Included: dedicated case (Predator rod case)

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