Major Craft Days 360 D360C-610BB (Baitcasting 1 Piece)

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BB meaning Big Bait Custom. It is a strong model of the XH class and is ideal for handling heavyweight lures. In particular, the power distribution from the tip to the berry is designed to be easy and hard to rose, so it is specialized in cranking of big bait. Toray Co., Ltd. T1100G, R360 structure, and titanium guide are equipped with high sensitivity and high operability, so it is suitable for bottom touch with heavy rigs such as rubber jigs, heavy texas, and punch shots. 。 It is one that can take a good response and agile action for heavy lures, so it can handle the bottom fishing at a high dimension. And the good response is that technical fishing such as big spoons is possible. Even a niche fishing that is not familiar with a dedicated rod is a one that makes you feel familiar.
Liner: 6f10in Line: Fluoro 16-30LB Line: PE -No. 5 Lure weight: 1-3OZ (28-84g) Lure weight: 1-3OZ (28-84g) * If the color is different from the real thing there is. Please be forewarned.

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