Major Craft Days 360 D360S-66UL (Spinning 1 Piece)

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Ultra light spinning without habits, not too hard and too soft. It is a versatile handle from light rigs to small hard lures. Furthermore, by setting up on the PE line, it specializes in reaction fishing. Despite being an ultra light, the instantaneous power peculiar to tubular can be maximized. The delicate tip not only does the ease of action, but also reduces short -byte and roses. In terms of Versatile, D360S-66UL is especially active in Okappari, but from Toray Co., Ltd. T1100G, R360 structure, high operability due to titanium guide, high-sensitivity, high-performance, all fishing for all fishing. Fishing will be possible.

Length: 6f6in Line: Fluoro 3-7LB Line: PE ~ No. 1 Lure weight: 1/32-1/4oz (0.9-7g) * The color may look different from the real thing. Please be forewarned.

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