Major Craft Days 360 D360S-610L (Spinning 1 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/28 to 2024/05/31
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The biggest feature is 12 guides. The operability and sensitivity have been dramatically improved by installing more guides in blanks made with T1100G and R360 structures than usual. The long throwing performance that makes use of the 6f10in length is also excellent. By setting up on the PE line, it is recommended for 3G midst. The amount of information tends to be poor in a deep area with a water depth over 10m, but the D360S-610L can be accurately operated because all information in the water is transmitted to hand. In addition, even when handling a light line, it has a characteristic of 6f10in, and the exquisite bus from the bat to the berry does not rampage. I repeated a number of big buses to the opponent, and the light line was finished in one that can fight with confidence.

Lings: 6F10IN Line: Flooro 4-8LB Line: PE ~ No. 1 Lure weight: 1/16-1/4oz (1.8-7g) * The color may look different from the real thing. Please be forewarned.

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