Major Craft Solpara SPXT-76ML (Spinning/Telescope)

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Overall length (ft): 7'6 "Lure (g) / Egi (No.): 5-28 (2-3.5) Line (lb): 6-12 PE line (No.): 0.4-1.2 Action: Regular First * Semi-hard case included, / This model is recommended for light rock games aiming at root fish such as scorpion fish and groupers using a jig head of around 10g. In the bay area, black snapper games aiming with a dedicated lure and It is also ideal for light sea bass games. It is also useful for autumn squid egging using No. 2.5 and No. 3 bait trees and Tsutsuika Egging aiming for bait trees around No. 2.

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