Major Craft Solpara SPXT-86M (Spinning/Telescope)

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Overall length (ft): 8'6 "Lure (g) / Egi (No.): 7-35 (2.5-3.5) Line (lb): 6-16 PE line (No.): 0.6-1 .5 Action: Regular first * Semi-hard case included, / This model is recommended if you mainly enjoy egging. It is a blank designed considering the use of bait trees of No. 3 and No. 3.5, which are the most frequently used, so 1 year There is no doubt that it will play an active part through. The Langan game with the bait tree set shows outstanding mobility. It is also recommended for swordfish and sagoshi aiming with wind and jigs up to 30 g. It is most active in the bay area. It's a model.

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