Major Craft Offshore Rod Giant Killing 5G Sawara Casting GK5C-732MH/SWR (Spinning 2 Piece)

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Sawara casting game that has become popular from Yamaguchi and Tokyo Bay. Rods are the most important in games that only cast and wind blade jigs. Even if the flight distance is important, even if there is a limit on the shared boat, the 5G blank that reduces the rod rebirth and blurring can be the cast as expected. The power of putting the sawara bite on the hook firmly and penetrating it, and the supple blank that reduces the barre at the time of the fighting of Sawara will be able to fight with confidence even in the meter -over Sawara. It is the perfect model for casting a MAX60G Sawara dedicated blade jig. Even the meter -over Sawara is a strong run, the blank that bends flexibly prevents the mouth from running out, and can be brought to landing while controlling the hanging sawara. A Sawara casting model that realizes a series of operations from cast to landing as a high dimension. Lure (G): 20-60 line (PE): MAX2.0 Standard self-weight (g): 95 Incustion: RF

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