Major Craft Eging Rod Egizaust 5G Tip Run EZ5TE-S682ml (Spinning 2 Piece)

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A tip run game that greatly affects the catch by the stay after shaken and can capture a slight Atari. The Egizhost 5G blank that does not shake flexibly is also used for the tip run. Ultra -light and hard blanks due to the strongest carbon tricker T1100G and R360 structure can concentrate on changes in the tip from the moment of stopping unnecessary behavior. By feeling all changes in the water at hand, your concentration will increase, and it is possible to capture signals from squids that you did not notice before. It is a model that is active throughout the year. Set to 6ft8inc length, which is easy to shake and excellent in operability. The bat power that can be relied on in a situation where you want to bring your Atari in the deep area to hooking is unique to the latest strongest carbon Torayo T1100G. This model is recommended if you want the real pleasure of Tip Run. Egi (g): MAX70 line (PE#): 0.6-1.2 Standard self-weight (g): 74 Incustion: F

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