Major Craft Offshore rod Redback 5G RB5-S66L (spinning 1 piece)

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A model that supports fierce battlefields appears in super high sensitivity REDBACK! A model that repeatedly tested in the Seto Inland Sea in the fierce battlefield is a popular REDBACK 5G series, which is popular from many anglers if you can feel the tie entangled before entangled with the tie. The blanks made with Torayo T1100G and R360 structure are finished with high sensitivity as if they were advanced. Even if the red sea bream is entangled with a tie, the red sea bream does not give a sense of incongruity, and the supple Solid Tip and the berry section can bring from the previous Atari to this Atari. It is a flexible blank that is hard to hook off even with shallow part -time jobs, so I would like you to use the angler who wants to catch red snapper. It is the most sensitive model of the casting bream mold that is widely explored by undercast. At the popular point of the weekend, the pressure on the red sea bream, both the ships and the fishing boat, are unknown. A flexible blank that does not give a sense of incongruity even a small part -time job will surely bring an unable to ride to the part -time job. It is a recommended model when you really want to fish.Lure (G): MAX80 Cass MAX60 Line (PE): MAX 1.0 Standard Self-weight (G): undecided action: RF

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