Major Craft Black Porgy 5G Chining game BP5S-782ML (Spinning 2 Piece)

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Total length: 7.8ft /Joint 2 /Lure: 3-15g /PE line: #0.3-#1.0 /Weight: 96g /Action: Regular Fast

Introducing a model that allows you to enjoy the popular black sea bream chinning game even more aggressively. The blank is made with the latest carbon and unique R360 structure from the black porgy brand exclusively for chinning, and has a high sensitivity that allows you to feel the flight distance and changes in the bottom of the grain, which are important in the chinning game. Particular attention was paid to the operability of the lure. At points where there are many entanglements, offsetting the lure is an essential element. A model exclusively for chinning that can cover everything from slippery lures to frill rigs and topwater. It is a spinning model with excellent long-distance cast ability, so it is good at shallow areas with a shortcut. High-performance Toray T100G carbon is used as the main cross, and it supports high-dimensional lure flight distance and bottom sensing ability.

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