Major Craft Black Porgy 5G Chining Game BP5S-782M (Spinning 2 Piece)

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A model that allows you to enjoy the chinning game aimed at the popular black bream. The blank finished with the strongest carbon and its own R360 structure as a dedicated brand "black pogie" is a high sensitivity that can be felt in the skipping game that can be felt in an important flight distance. What I was particular about was the operability of the lure. At a point with a lot of root, the offset of lures is an indispensable factor. It is a model that supports Frig. It is an indispensable model to directly aim for points with a lot of root and Okimi breaks. In particular, high -sensitivity -designed blanks have excellent lure operability at the bottom, and if you can feel the changes of several flow as well as the undulation of the bottom, it will have a significant effect on the catch. Lure (g): 4-20 line (PE): 0.4-1.5 Standard self-weight (g): 99 Accepts: RF

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