Major Craft Offshore Rod Egizaust 5G Ikametal EZ5IM-S632M (Spinning 2 Piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/06/26 to 2024/06/29
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The real pleasure of a squid metal game is to taste sashimi after returning! I think that there are many people who say, but there is no doubt that it became such a popular game with the high game of hitting. From the action of inviting squid near Sutte and putting it on, the weight of instantaneous squid punch is the moment everyone gets excited. The new design blank, which can do the series of movements supplely, can feel a slight change in the tip by turning moderately at the time of stay. Exquisite bends do not miss small Atari when low activity. If you cast the squid scattered around and explore it in a wide range, this is the turn of this spinning model. A good blank design that allows you to instantly match the fine action and the small Atari. This model is recommended for a spinning game that uses lightweight metal sutte. Sutte (#): 8-20 Sutte (g): 30-75 line (PE): 0.4-1.0 Standard self-weight (g): 75 AC: F

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