Major Craft Seabass rod Flatrek(1G-class) FR1-1062MH (spinning 2 piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/28 to 2024/05/31
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This is a Flatrek1 grade (1G) model designed for more reasonable and easy -to -use surf games that aim for flounder and magochi from surf. The basic performance is condensed, such as a tip that can be felt from the flying distance performance unique to the surf, so we have finished it for those who want to start a surf game in earnest. It is a model that you want to aim for flatfish while being blown by the sea breeze of a comfortable surf. It is a model where the tide is firmly effective, and it is powerful only with a high -standing surf. Since it is a firmly tense bat and berry section, it is a model you want to use in a situation where you want to fly. Not only flounder and magochi, but also the power of the rod, we can respond to exchanges with blue items.Lure (G): 10-50 line (LB): 10-20 line (PE): 1.0-2.0 Standard self-weight (G): 202 Action: RF

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