Major Craft Seabass rod TiDrift TD1-902L (spinning 2 piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/05/28 to 2024/05/31
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If you pursue cost performance in the Tidrift series specializing in casting games from shores such as seabass games, it will appear as a 1G class that condenses your commitment as a dedicated rod. The blanks that inject the achievements and technology of the high -end models will support anglers because the operability of the lure and the stability of the fight have improved. A wealth of lineup that supports large seabass to large seabass. You can choose according to the field. With a blank design with a flexibility to the whole, it is outstanding the sensitivity and operability of the lure, such as small minnow and sinking pencil while light action, and can handle about 20g of vibration and large minnows without difficulty. It is a finish of a rod that can be obtained by giving a large seabass.Lure (G): 5-28 line (LB): 6-12 line (PE): 0.6-1.2 Standard self-weight (G): 138 Action: RF

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