Major Craft Seabass rod TiDrift TD1-1062M (spinning 2 piece)

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/06/20 to 2024/06/23
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If you pursue cost performance in the Tidrift series specializing in casting games from shores such as seabass games, it will appear as a 1G class that condenses your commitment as a dedicated rod. The blanks that inject the achievements and technology of the high -end models will support anglers because the operability of the lure and the stability of the fight have improved. A wealth of lineup that supports large seabass to large seabass. You can choose according to the field. It is a long rod that is assumed to be a embankment with a high foothold, a surf with high waves, and a rough beach. As a whole, it is a solid blank, so it is possible to cast firmly without losing to the wind. Although it is a medium class, it is designed with a flexible tip, so the minnow of the short trip can be firmly cut off to the feet.Lure (G): 10-45 line (LB): 10-20 line (PE): 0.8-2.0 Standard self-weight (G): 166 Action: RF

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