Major Craft Eging rod Egizaust EZ1-832ML (spinning 2 piece)

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It is a 1G class egging model that has been completed as a basic model of high cost performance, injecting the technology obtained by the upper model. A new design blank, which pursues an action that can easily operate bait trees, can jerk from long -throwing with a light force. You can enjoy eging with such an image that the rod moves the bait tree without permission. With the effect of the new design blank, the weight of the 100g level and the weight reduction of the conventional model are reduced. The improvement and sensitivity of the operability caused by lightness will realize the evolution of Egging Rod. It is a recommended model for autumn squid aging that emphasizes operability. The length of 8FT3INC, which is easy to use at low scaffolding points and fishing ports, is ideal for fishing to explore points by actively operating bait trees. For autumn squid signing from summer to late autumn using egi around No. 3.Egi (No.): 1.5-3.5 line (PE): 0.4-1.0 Standard self-weight (G): 101 Action: RF

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