Major Craft Boat rod Grandship Fune Taco Egi glass solid GR1TACO-175M/GS(baitcasting 2 piece)

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The first installment of the ship fishing brand "GRANDSHIP" series is a very popular model for octopus fishing. Sailed octopus games, which have a significant change depending on whether you can feel the signs of the octopus touch arms, are evolving year by year. A glast chube blur model that emphasizes sensitivity can feel the signs of the tactics and changes in sediment. By feeling the change, you will be able to produce the timing of the invitation and the Fucking timing. The GS model (glass solid) model is recommended when the octopus bait tree is not floating from the sea floor, as a deep area and a fast point of the flow. It is a lineup that allows you to use the Rod properly, whether sensitivity is emphasized or focused on the situation. This model with a supple glass Solid tip is recommended for beginners and intermediate people to beginners to intermediate boat octopus fishing because they can hold octopus egi without giving a discomfort. Since the tip part is painted, it is possible to check the discomfort of the tip and match it firmly. If you want to suppress the thread situation and the movement of octopus for octopus, it is a glass solid model.Lead load (G): 30-80 AC: 7: 3 Standard self-weight (g): 145

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