Xesta Metal Jig Runway Blaze 85g 205 RHSL Red Head Silver Glow Berry

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Designed to ensure the flight distance slightly lighter at the slightly light -balanced body to reduce the resistance at the time of jerk as much as possible. The left and right asymmetrical shapes make it possible to appeal to a wide -angle more width than the jerk. The fall performs an irregular rolling fall and creates an action like a baitfish that falls and falls. The internal structure of the metal jig is reviewed from the root, and a "Force Core System" has a unique structure that passes a powerful penetration wire through a powerful stainless pipe. As a result, the body became very strong, hitting the beach and embankments, and the structure was difficult to bend even if there was a strong sucking part -time job, and succeeded in avoiding the body bend, which was the fate of the long jig, to the limit. Furthermore, up of the flight distance and the feeling of landing is an essential element in locksho aging. In order to amplify these two points, the rear eye, which had a common sense structure of metal jigs, was eliminated. As a result, the extra air resistance was eliminated and the stable flight posture was successful, and the flight distance was successfully secured regardless of weather conditions. Weight: 85g Color: 205 RHSL Red Head Silver Glovely

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