Zeake Offshore Plug SS Popper 90 Silver Tiny Trevally Sardine

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SS Popper (splash, swimming, popper) is a swimming popper that can be used in various fields such as surf, embankment, boat games. With a weight structure of the back center of gravity, it earns a flight distance in a stable flight posture, and floats on the surface of the water with a standing position at the same time as landing. With the mountain -shaped cup on the head, you will definitely grab the water with a rod work and bocon! Bocon! Appeal on the surface of the water while putting out the splash. At the time of reeling, swimming with the dug cup and swinging the tail left and right. With high -speed reeling, a small fish escapes while keeping the foaming occasionally while keeping 1 cm below the surface of the water. With the keel structure of the tail, you can grab the water firmly, stabilize the flight posture, and attack widely. Compatible with large targets with thick stainless steel penetration wire. Jerk's splash sound and stop & go invitation attracted various targets. Full size, UV painted eye is installed, stimulating the target predation instinct. Size: 90mm weight: 14g

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