Ocean freak CAPTCHA 50HG (Left handle) Gunmetal & Gold 2023 Limited color

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Gear ratio 6:1

Line Capacity PE: #2.0-900m, #3.0-600m, #4.0-450m

Handle length: 95mm

Winding length: 107cm/per handle rotation

Ball bearing: 7+2

Weight: 530g

Maximum drag force: 20kg

Spool dimensions (diameter/width): 58mm/28mm

2023 Limited color appeared. Concept: The idea of ​​"lightweight powerful" and "lightness", first think that the important factor in slow jigging is tackle balance. The PE line used for this fishing is often up to No. 4. It is not a setting that stops the fish running with a tough drag and a thick line to draw forcibly draw. The source of power is designed. Power is created by matching the gear ratio, spool diameter, bearing size, and handle length in a well -balanced manner. Power not only reduces the burden at the time of recovery, but also appears in the energy transmitted to jigs during jerk, that is, in movement. The range that 50HG is the most specialty is 100-200m. A range where the most variety of fish species attack. In the medium -sized reel of the same class, it has the ability to pull out. A compact body, a line capacity that can accommodate the PE3 600m, and the winding comfort realized by adjusting the balance between the gear ratio and the spool diameter. The twin drag is smooth and sustainable drag performance.

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