Hongdex Fish finder PS-611CN II-DP-V 5-type Wide portable plotter fish finder Deep specification

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You can start a fish finder easily and easily! HONDEX PS series. The PS series is a series that can be used with confidence even for those who are new to fish findings with compact size, reasonable price, and even more useful operations. Battery box integrated portable style. Since it can be used with eight AA batteries, you do not choose the mounting location. In addition, the on -site and front protection cover can be folded, making it easy to carry. Ideal for small boats! * Approximately 8 hours can be used (it depends on the usage environment.) New features! Equipped with DEEP mode. The mode of the main unit can be switched according to the depth used. If you set the fish search mode to "deep" and connect the vibration TD25, you can select the fish search frequency from 50kHz and 200kHz. 50kHz has a characteristic that reaches deeper than 200kHz, which is very useful for fishing in an area where 200kHz does not reach. * TD25 is required to use DEEP mode Type: 5 type wide liquid crystal display screen: Vertical type display portion Dot: 272 × 480 Power supply voltage: DC11-14V Power consumption/current: Approximately 0.3A/12V body Dimensions (mm): W173 × D191 × H173

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