Apia Rock Fish Rod Grandage Brute Stretch Four S88MH (Spinning 2 Piece) (2023 model)

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What is the utility in a pheasant hata game? In the grouper game at the fishing port, the basics are to aim at the changes, such as feet, artifacts, offshore roots, and cover. Everything can be a hit area if the rig arrives, but if you can drop it into a pin spot and invite it, the probability will naturally increase. What is required for a rod? The accurate cast performance that allows you to shoot a clear cover, the power of dragging from the place of residence. Furthermore, it is essential to pick up unexpected part -time jobs in the hit zone that changes depending on the bottom, middle layer, and activity. A power -based all -round rod for fishing that requires a variety of approaches such as lift & fall, swimming, and sometimes vertical hole fishing has been completed.

Total length: 8.8ft /Joint: 2 /Weight: 142g Lure weight: 7-42g /Tip diameter: 2.1mm /Bottom diameter: 13.6mm /Compatible line: #1-#2.5

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