Apia Grandage Brute Unexplorer S911MH (Spinning 2 Piece) (2023 model)

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To farther. In history, mankind has been challenged in various fields. The latest long -throwing models are equipped with the "M40X" and "T1100G", which can be said to be the only one that uses the world's highest level at this stage. Physically, the repulsive and strength numbers are different from before, specializing in flying it, and finished in the best balance. The length is 9 feet 11 inches, but unusually light. Nevertheless, everyone will be surprised at the overflowing energy while holding the power and power of the rod inside. To the unexplored land UNEXPLORER. In the category of "long -throwing rod", it can be said to be the end point, not just.

Total length: 9.11ft /Joint: 2 /Closed length: 155.7cm /Weight: 165g /Lure weight: 12-45g

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