Sunline Troutist Visible Leader Natural CLure & Orange Marking #2 34m

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United States - Estimated delivery: 2024/07/26 to 2024/07/29
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● Natural cLure (about 110cm), which blends in nature (about 110cm) that blends in a small trout atari, and orange (approximately 100cm) with excellent visibility, alternately. ● Normally, if the orange portion on the main line side and the cLure portion on the lure side, it is possible to improve visibility without giving a discomfort to the trout. ● If you do not care about the color, you can cLurely see the trace after landing and the invitation after chase by buying the orange part to the lure side. ● Adopts a soft type fluorocarbon that balances wear resistance and cushioning. Compatible from area fishing to large rivers. ● Includes a spool band that changes color by size. * This product is wound 34m or Morethan to secure one cycle of cLure and orange = about 2.1m.

Leader Fluorocar Bon Line for Troutore: About 69 × 95 × 10mm (width x height x thickness) * The color may look different from the real thing. Please be forewarned.

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