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Gear ratio: 2.4

Maximum Drag force: 43g

Weight: 2070g

Spool diameter/width: 70mm/49mm

Line Capacity Nylon: #12-430m, #14-380m, #16-350m

Line Capacity PE: #6.0-830m, #8.0-600m, #10-450m, #12-380m

Winding length: 53cm/per handle rotation

Handle length: 80mm/92mm

Bearing quantity BB/roller: 20/0

Practical winding strength: 38kg

Practical winding speed (m/minutes) 10kg load: 115m/minutes

The strongest Beastmaster in Shimano history that has evolved to get huge fish. Catch Kihada, Quest, and Amberjack at an overwhelming speed. And don't break. The strongest electric reel in Shimano history, Beast Master MD6000, which was born as a proposition to realize the overwhelming power and speed to catch a giant fish. The heart of the powertrain with the name of the MD = monster drive is a newly developed NEW GIGA-MAX MOTOR, which has a significant performance. Achieved 2.5 times Motorque and 38kg of endurance on practical winding. In addition, the drag power, which is the decisive factor of the super big game, achieves a startling 43kg, and winds up a huge fish with the strongest power in Shimano history. The heat dissipation system protects the body from the heat generation of the drag part and also supports long -time fights. In addition, a 80/92mm long handle that is easy to roll up with a battle near the boat is adopted. The information power that the scales are displayed in the sea in real time, and do not miss the moment to meet the big game in real time. It is the appearance of the strongest Beastmaster in Shimano history, which has poured the latest technology to control the fight with a giant fish that does not allow compromise.

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