Shimano 22 Force Master 201DH (Left-handed)

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Gear ratio: 8.2

Maximum Drag force: 5kg

Weight: 385g

Spool diameter/width: 25.5mm/19mm

Line Capacity PE: #0.8-270m, #1.0-220m, #1.5-150m

Winding length: 66cm/per handle rotation

Handle length: 55mm

Bearing quantity BB/roller: 9/1

Practical winding endurance: 3kg

Maximum winding speed: 195m/min

Practical winding speed 1kg load: 148m/min

Practical winding speed 2kg load: 129m/min

Practical winding speed 3kg load: 87m/min

The long-awaited left-hand drive lineup is compact and shocking. In order to improve one-handed operability, the side plate area has been reduced by 20% and the weight has been reduced. Coupled with the arrangement on the handle side of the power cable, we have achieved palming that feels like wrapping it in the palm of your hand. Equipped with a touch drive with an intermediate speed setting function and a speed clutch that can be switched ON / OFF while touching the spool. The high gear that exceeds 60 cm per rotation of the handle improves the rhythmic invitation operation by manual winding and the hooking performance by winding awase. The high-speed gimmick collection speed by MUTEKI MOTOR + is overwhelmingly faster than manual winding and stress-free. The main targets are active light games, hairtails, hairtails, light comases, metal suttes, etc. Equipped with a simple fishfinder function finder circle scale that allows you to know the sea conditions in real time. Added left-hand drive 201 / 201DH for clear rod work with the right hand. The impact compact that condenses Shimano technology leads the electric light game to a new world.

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